Drug-Related Charges Can Tarnish Your Reputation

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Are You Being Charged With a Crime in Baltimore, MD

Work with a dependable criminal defense law firm to build your case

Herndon and O'Meara: Attorneys at Law, affectionately known as Charm City Justice, is a criminal defense law firm based in Baltimore, Maryland. Our firm was started by Elisabeth Herndon and Christopher O'Meara in 2018. After practicing multiple types of law throughout the state, they decided to start their own firm to help people like you in their community.

Whether you need a personal injury attorney or help with your drug defense, an attorney at our firm can work with you to build a solid case.

Have You Been in an Auto Accident in Charles Village or the Baltimore, MD area?

A reputable personal injury attorney can help you get compensation

Why choose Herndon and O'Meara: Attorneys at Law?

When you choose us as your defense, we'll fight for you through every step of your case. Herndon and O'Meara: Attorneys at Law puts our clients first, focusing on your priorities, needs and preferences. Open communication is key for our cases, so we'll provide you with all of the information you need to made well-educated decisions.

Plus, we'll come to you. We perform jail visits for incarcerated clients. Your personal injury attorney will even work with you in the hospital or remotely if you've been injured.

We practice 3 primary areas of law

While we are primarily a criminal defense law firm, we also practice additional types of law . We can represent you in cases related to:

Criminal defense law, including drug defense and theft.
Personal injury law, including auto accidents.
Family law, including divorce and child custody cases.

If you need a family law attorney for your divorce or an auto accident attorney to seek compensation, it's important to seek out counsel as soon as possible. Schedule your free consultation with us today by calling 443-252-3900.