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Working Through Social Distancing

Hello everyone! We certainly are in a weird time right now, but I figured that means no time like the present to start a blog for the firm.

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Baby, You Can Drive My Car. But should you? A look at Kansas v. Glover

The Beatles’ 1965 song “Drive My Car” is about a woman planning on being a star who is asking the song’s narrator to be her chauffeur and also maybe she’s proposing other things. At the end of the song the woman admits she doesn’t actually have a car, but presumably when she gets one she wants the narrator to drive it. One can figure she is already up for the other things she’s proposing. Good for you, song woman!

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Miranda Part 1: Spoiler – He Died

Today I have on my to do list to write another blog post, but unfortunately I did not have an idea for said post. So I was thinking, what’s something that a lot of people know about, but perhaps could use a better understanding of? The clear answer was good old Miranda rights.

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