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Why Should I Get a Lawyer After a Car Accident?

Most people who get in car accidents don’t call a lawyer. After all, why should they? You already have to deal with the other driver, insurance companies, and possibly medical providers. Why add another person to that long list of annoyances? The answer is simple- your attorney can deal with all that annoying stuff for you!

Let’s start with your insurance company. Setting up insurance claims is a lengthy process that normally begins with calling the insurance company, listening to some jazzy hold music for half an hour (or more), and then describing the accident to an adjuster. Nobody has time for that. Lawyers and paralegals have done this process hundreds of times. They know how to cut down wait times, they know what information the adjuster needs to set up the claim, and they know how to expedite the process to make sure settlement happens as quickly as possible.

Now let’s talk about the other driver’s insurance company. Here’s a dirty secret: If the other insurance company knows their driver is at fault, they will call you shortly after the accident and make an offer to settle. “Wow!” you might say. “Quick and simple settlement sounds great!” However, those offers are usually FAR below the actual value of your claim. The reason they call you so quickly after an accident is that they want to catch you before you lawyer up. Once you hire an attorney, the insurance companies will take your case more seriously and make an offer that actually reflects the value of your case.

A lawyer can also help with medical providers if you’re injured in your accident. Emergency room visits, physical therapy, and radiologists (x-rays and MRIs) are just some of the medical bills you may have to deal with if you get hurt in an accident. I’m not even going to get into medical liens (a topic for another blog). Attorneys and paralegals have a lot of experience in is requesting medical bills and records. It’s a surprisingly difficult process that most people can’t do own their own. Do you own a fax machine? Most medical providers only accept billing/records requests via fax! Let your lawyer handle this complicated process.

The #1 reason people don’t want to call a lawyer after a car accident is money. You have to deal with getting your car fixed and that’s going to potentially be expensive, so why pay someone else to do it? Boy do I have some good news for you. Most attorneys who handle car accident cases work on a contingency fee. This means that the lawyer’s fee is a percentage of the final settlement. What does that mean for you? It means that calling a lawyer after a car accident costs ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. The attorney only gets paid if you get paid.

So let’s recap:

Why should you hire an attorney after a car accident?

  1. Insurance companies and medical providers are incredibly complicated and annoying to deal with

  2. You don’t have time for all that

  3. There is ZERO out of pocket expense to hire a lawyer