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Working Through Social Distancing

Hello everyone! We certainly are in a weird time right now, but I figured that means no time like the present to start a blog for the firm.

Right now law firms are considered essential here in Maryland, but that doesn’t mean things haven’t changed drastically. We’re working from home, not seeing client’s in person, and court dates are getting postponed. The situation is frustrating for clients because they don’t know when they will get their court date, and it’s frustrating for us because we don’t have the answers. Of course, all of these precautions are for the best, but it is still a difficult time.

While it’s easy to focus on all of the negatives, I thought I would make a list of the positives because I hear that’s a helpful activity. So here it is.

Positives of Social Distancing:
-Since we operate a mostly cloud-based practice, we were already set up to work from home.
-My dogs are very happy that I’m home with them all day. Dogs are really receiving most of the benefits from all of this.
-Our firm has been taking payments online through Law Pay since we opened, so there is no need for client’s who owe a payment to leave their homes. (Also a shameless plug to remind you that we take payment plans on many cases.)
-Sweatpants all day every day.
-Many counties in Maryland have electronic filing and we’re pros at using it.
-Can bake cookies and work at the same time! (Who has a good chocolate chip cookie recipe? I just used the one on the chocolate chip bag since it’s Phoebe’s family recipe.)
-At least Maryland has been pretty good about protecting people and keeping us updated.
-Tiger King is really bringing people together during this time. I’m not sure if I’m allowed to render opinions on who potentially killed their husband and fed him to the tigers on a law blog, but let’s just say I would guess that their are some tigers out there who now have a taste for husband flesh.
-Courts still have limited staff and when I have had a question they have all been friendly and have helped me to the best of their ability. I don’t think they are getting enough acknowledgement, so to those people still working at the courthouse, I see you and appreciate you.
-It’s worth mentioning my dogs again. They are really cute.
-Attorneys have really come together to help each other both make sense of things and stand in for others who really should not leave home under any circumstances. We really are nice and pleasant people most of the time!
-At least I can go visit places in Animal Crossing. I think Tom Nook is up to something, though. He’s very suspicious. Although he does not seem to mind that I keep selling leaf umbrellas.

Well, that’s all I can think of for now! I hope everyone is staying safe and remotely happy. And don’t forget, just because we’re under a stay at home order doesn’t mean you won’t need a lawyer!